Backflow Installs, Repair, and Testing

Backflow Installs, Repair, and Testing

We offer backflow preventor installation and backflow testing in Commerce & Baldwin, GA and surrounding areas

Let it Flow Backflow & Plumbing, LLC in Commerce, GA can install any size backflow prevention device directly into your plumbing network. These devices only allow water to flow in one direction, so city water can flow into your home or business but can't return to the main water supply.

Schedule backflow preventor installation, repair and testing services in Commerce & Baldwin, GA and surrounding areas by calling 678-889-5222.

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when there are sudden drops in water pressure. The pressure change causes the water flowing from the main source to your home or business to reverse its course.

Backflow prevention devices when working properly ensure that no contaminants can be introduced onto the main water supply in the event of a backflow occurrence.

Backflow Prevention Device Repairs

Internal parts can wear out or fail in backflow prevention devices like any other machine and need to be well maintained and repaired on occasion. Let it Flow Backflow & Plumbing LLC offers full-service maintenance and repairs of all types of backflow prevention devices.

Backflow Prevention Device Annual Testing

Backflow prevention device testing is an annual requirement on commercial properties in the state of Georgia. Our testing fee is a flat fee for all size backflow prevention devices. We take care of all report submissions and give annual reminders when you test is due.

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